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How We Supply Safe Food

Blanco Creek Farms has aligned its food safety program with the leading industry organizations that provide relevant information on legislation, codes of practice, and scientific and technical developments pertaining to fresh cut standards. Blanco Creek Farms has adopted these industry leading best practices to ensure that we meet the highest standards in the industry. By adhering to these principles Blanco Creek Farms guarantees that products produced at this facility are of the best quality attributes and highest food safety standards you can feed your family.

GFSI Audit Scheme (SQF)

Blanco Creek Farms follows the GFSI (Global Food Safety Institute) in the development of its food safety and quality management system. The program provides independent certification that a supplier’s food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestic food safety regulations. This enables suppliers to help assure their customers that food has been produced, processed, prepared, and handled according to the highest possible standards. Blanco Creek Farms submits to an annual SQF audit by the SQFI (Safe Quality Food Institute). We are proud of our audit history and continually strive for our organization to exceed the high standards set forth by SQFI and GFSI.

Food Safety Management System (Quality System)

Blanco Creek Farms has employed and adhered to SQF standards from the inception of the facility. A critical segment of our food safety and quality system is to have an in-depth prerequisite program along with a food safety plan. Our SQF practitioner oversees and maintains these programs and practices allowing us to achieve the highest levels of quality and food safety. Our processes and procedures are evaluated by senior management to identify any potential risk. If a potential risk is identified, the necessary controls needed to mitigate the risk is are outlined in our food safety plan. Maintaining the highest levels of quality and food safety is the backbone of who we are.

Approved Supplier

Blanco Creek Farms purchases raw produce and packaging material from approved suppliers. To become an Approved Supplier for Blanco Creek Farms you must undergo our application process, which includes providing requested documentation and audit history for our review. If accepted as an Approved Supplier all products must meet our quality and safety requirements to be received into our system.


By using approved suppliers, we know the origins of our products. Our inventory management software allows us to quickly identify the origins and the distribution locations of our products. This gives us the ability to provide one level up and one level down traceability, ensuring an extra layer of protection as to the quality of our products.

Product Inspection Process

Random sampling is conducted on all raw product loads delivered to Blanco Creek Farms. Products that do not meet the quality and inspections requirements of our SQF process will be rejected from processing.

Food Safety Culture

At Blanco Creek Farms we train our employees to be involved in our commitment to food safety. Our Food Safety Culture develops our front-line people to be aware of factors that can impact food safety and feel comfortable speaking up to alert management of potential issues.

Continuous Education

It is Blanco Creek Farms policy to continually improve all production processes regarding food safety and quality by providing members of management with continuing education programs.

Sanitation Practices

As a fresh-cut processor, we incorporate a full wash down regimen every night. A major component of this regimen is the rotational cycle of detergents and sanitizers to aid in the cleaning and prevent any potential bacterial resistance. Daily sanitation of our equipment and processing floors ensure that we meet our documented SQF process and maintain the highest level of sanitary conditions. Our sanitation practices are validated by using environmental monitoring and pre-operation swabs.

Environmental Monitoring

Our Environmental Monitoring Program gives us validation on the effectiveness of our sanitation practices. This is established by swabbing randomly selected locations on a monthly basis.

Sustainability Practices

We believe it’s our responsibility to be a leader in conserving resources and reduce our impact on the environment. From our raw produce byproduct and its packaging to our wash water, we recycle instead of waste. Offering options to our customers in type of master case packaging allows them to participate in this initiative. All spent packaging material and non-reusable plastic crates are bailed and recycled. We send our produce byproduct, broken pallets, wood crates and wash water to a local mulching facility. All our corrugated packaging material is bailed for recycling.

QS Policy Food Safety Policy 8.0